Monday, August 9, 2010

Is 10 too young for Hunger Games?

My friend just told me that her son's 5th grade teacher is reading Hunger Games to the class. She called me to ask if I thought it was appropriate. Hmmm, that's a tough one. I love the book, but I'm not sure that 10 is old enough.
What do you think?
Anyone have an opinion they want to share?


  1. I am letting my 10 year old read it!

  2. I preface this with I don't have kids, and I know nothing about kids and developmentally what is appropriate.....but that book was a little grizzly if I do say so myself. I liked it but there was a lot of shanking prison style going on. It seems like kind of a deep read for a youngster. But then again Piggy gets eaten in Lord of the Flies so maybe this is acceptable.

  3. Hmm. That is a really good question. I let my 12 year old read it and he ate it up. (Whoops. No pun intended.) Between the two of us we are about frantic waiting for Mockingjay on the 24th. However, I didn't even offer it to my 10 year old. It's pretty brutal, and he's more of a humorist. I'd kind of call it "case sensitive." My 10 year old, no. Someone else's probably it would be fine. The gore in it is more implied than explicit, but the idea of killing a bunch of peers, well, hmmm. It's gross, right?

    How's that for a non-answer?