Monday, April 12, 2010

Writing Class?

I had a writing teacher review the first couple chapters of my book. She gave me some positive comments, but she said that I'm missing some basic technical skills in writing fiction. I thought that the technical part of writing was my strong point. Hmmm. Although she was kind, it sounds like I have a lot of work to do. I have to remind myself often that I'm doing this because I enjoy the process, not because I have to get published. It's the journey, not the destination, right? I just wish I was a little bit better at the journey-- and I seriously wish I'd taken more creative writing classes in college when I had the freedom and the ability.
If only I had unlimited funds and time... : )
I guess it's time for me to look into a writing class. I don't even know what basic skills I'm missing, but part of me doesn't want to keep writing until I learn. I hate the idea of putting a lot of time and energy into doing something the wrong way.

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