Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning the Craft

Books about writing books-- what a self-promoting industry. Ideally, I'd love to take a class, or pay somebody to edit my last manuscript, so that I could pinpoint my exact weaknesses. But alas, time and money are always an issue, right? So I'm trying to get close and personal with the library and check out some books on writing (which are surprisingly good because, of course, they're written by writers!).
Right now I'm reading a book on character development. The author tells the story about a manuscript he was writing and a challenge he came across while describing a certain character. Then he says, as a side note, "I still finished the book and got it published."
Oh, that I could have that as my side note! Just one simple sentence, yet it seems like such an insurmountable feat. Do people who write manuscripts really get them published? Obviously they must-- like I said, I've been to the library. I even know a few authors personally. But still, it's hard to believe it actually happens to normal people like me. Hmmm, maybe I'm too normal. Perhaps I need to develop a weird trait or habit-- like typing pathetic posts to myself about my longing to be published, for example.

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