Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling Better

All right, my identity crisis is over-- at least for now. I met with my critique group last night and I just remembered how much I love the writing process, regardless of whether I ever get published. I love the contacts I've made through this process, I love learning to write, I love thinking of different story lines. I really have LOVED the whole thing.
So, I've turned back to finish my synopsis with renewed energy. Luckily, I have finally completed a first draft, so it's now just muddling through to make it tighter and more interested. I'm sure I'll want to throw my computer out the window again, but at least there's been progress.
There are also some writing conferences coming up that I am looking forward to. I am surprised at how many want-to-be writers out there don't go to conferences. As far as I can tell, it is hands down the best way to network and learn about the publishing business-- which is kind of important if you want to, you know, get published.

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