Friday, January 8, 2010

My Major Identity Crisis

Ahh! So I like my story. I mean, I think it's good, compelling, exciting (at least I hope it's all of those things). What I'm really worried about, however, is that it may not be that original. There are so many stories about a girl who unwittingly steps into a magical and dangerous world and falls in love with the hero/bad boy/whatever. My hero is not and was never the bad guy, but other than that it plays exactly the same. And mine is years away from being published. How many more stories like that can come out-- will come out-- in the next couple years? How many before the market is saturated (which it seems like it is already) and there is no place for my story?
Hence, my identity crisis (did I just use the word "hence"?). Should I change my story? Rehash it? Make it different than what I envisioned when I wrote it? Should I still try to get it published? It's frightful to think of the hundreds of hours I have put into it being for nothing. No, I will still work to get it published, even if the experience is just that... experience. That alone will make it worth it.
I used to think I knew how to write (I do have a degree in English Lit. after all), but that I was never creative enough to come up with a story. Then, I thought of a story, and realized how little I really knew about writing. Now, to see that my story wasn't that creative to begin with.... ah, it hurts.
I know that I may be a little slow on the epiphanies. "Twilight" and it's knock-offs have been around for years. But I have only just started to get sick of the genre myself. I find myself losing interest in the stories that fervently held my attention a couple years ago (sigh).
I guess what I'm saying is, I'm feeling a little.... lost.

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