Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All Mapped Out

                           Sometimes, this is what my brain looks like:

But most of the time, it pretty much looks like this:

Over the last few weeks my manuscript has gone adrift. I had the first third of the book figured out, and the final scenes are all done, but all the stuff in the middle was getting, well, muddled.
But over the last couple days I've finally gotten it all mapped out! It's due, in large part, to a handful of very patient people who have been willing to walk with me through the tangle of thoughts in my head. I must say, every writer needs "people." If anybody thinks writing is a solitary activity, they are sorely mistaken...
But getting back to the point, this morning I had a free hour, so I ran down to Barnes & Noble, pulled out my notebook, and...
I mapped out my manuscript. Yep, it's done! I was able to climb over the roadblocks still in my way and figure out where this crazy story is going.
Not only that, but I got a rough sketch of what the rest of the books in the series will be about (and when I say rough, I mean rough. A few sentences, really. But hey, I only had an hour).
Whew! So glad the hard part is over. All I have left to do is, you know, write the book, find an agent, find an editor, get it published...
It's all downhill from here. Or uphill. Depending on how you look at it...

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