Thursday, June 3, 2010

An "Off" Day

I am mourning my loss of free reading time. Like most people, I have so few moments to myself. I used to fill these precious moments with reading. There is something very enriching about escaping reality for a moment. It soothes the nerves, calms the mind, and sometimes can even offer a better perspective.

But now I take those moments to write. The problem is, writing is such hard work for me. It rarely soothes the nerves-- it feels more like I'm wringing my brain for every last drop of creativity. And without time to relax and escape, my brain is coming up dry.
I need a good, curl up under the covers, send the kids to the neighbors, hire someone to clean my house, kind of book to read.

If I could control the universe, every other day would be an "off" day. One day, my "on" day, I would do my motherly work, be a wife, work for my church, clean my house, etc. But the "off" day would be mine. My life would be put on pause while I spend a day relaxing in the bath, reading a good novel, putting a few hours into writing, and eating lots of sugar and baked good (made during my "on" day of course).

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