Saturday, February 6, 2010

My First Rejection

Well, it had to happen at some point. I just got a rejection letter from my first submission. It wasn't from an agent, but rather a publishing company. And although I am disappointed, I am not surprised. Nor am I deterred. I didn't think that my first attempt at publishing would be a success (although, we can always hope it works out that way, right?). Anyway, it took about two months from the time I sent in my manuscript for the rejection letter to come. After checking my mail religiously for a few weeks, it suddenly occurred to me that if they actually liked my book, the would call me. The only thing I would get in the mail was a rejection. Obviously, I was slightly less excited about heading to the mailbox after that.

But, it finally came nonetheless. I was on my way home from a date with my husband when we decided to grab the mail. And there it was. A form letter informing me that my manuscript was "not right" for them. Disappointing, but not crushing. And, as far as form letters go, it was actually very polite. So I guess it could be worse-- I've heard of some pretty scathing rejections.

Chalk this up to one more rite of passage I have to pass through on my quest to become a published author...

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