Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reality Check

I just read the YA paranormal novel The White Cat by Holly Black.  I won't go into too many details for those of you who want to read it, but the story boils down to this:  Are we the kind of people we are because of the memories we have?

So what happens if those memories get taken away?  I know someone who was in a serious car accident during college.  He lost much of his memory, as well as much of his cognitive ability.  He appeared to change into a completely different person.
So what part of us is us, and what part of us has been formed by our circumstances (and memories)?
It's an interesting thing to think about while creating characters.

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  1. I keep a regular journal, and have done for years--decades--so I have quite a few books filled up. About three years ago I lost the volume that contained 2002-2003. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it, and I was surprised by the panic that filled me. Terror, really. But not terror at my personal details being discovered or whatever. No, the thought that kept popping into my head was: "How can I prove I was alive?" !

    So, yeah. Are we our memories? And what if they're gone? I think that's part of the deep seated fear we all have of Alzheimer's disease and what makes Nicholas Sparks's book The Notebook so poignant. (Or will make it so poignant when I read it over spring break.) Yeah?

    So many plots divulge into fake amnesia contrivances, but every one of those it seems they eventually remember things. It's the only satisfying ending for that device.

    Boy, your post really sparked a lot of thoughts in me, eh? Good one, Melinda!