Monday, December 20, 2010

fame, glory, and other things on my to do list by Janette Rallison

Synopsis:  Sixteen-year-old Jessica dreams of Hollywood fame, and when Jordan moves into her small town, she dreams of him, too. He’s a movie star’s son, and hey, he's gorgeous to boot. Jordan has always wanted to get out from the shadow cast by his superstar father, but now that he and his mother have moved so far away from LA, how can he get his divorced parents back together? Jessica convinces Jordan the way to get his father to come for a long visit is to be a part of the school play. And if she’s “discovered” in the process, all the better. Things go wrong when she lets Jordan’s secret identity slip, and grow even more disastrous when the principal tries to change West Side Story into a gang free, violence-free, politically correct production.

My Review:  This book was exactly what I needed.  No, it isn't a book that contemplates the meaning of the universe.  But does every novel need to be that?  Sometimes it's nice to have a funny, light-hearted book to curl up on a couch with.  I loved Janette's humor, and I was laughing out loud numerous times while reading.  The POV character is a teenage girl, and that is the definite audience for this book (although I'm not a teenage girl and I enjoyed it).  It's nice to be reminded now and then that not all angst-ridden teenagers date vampires or fight to the death on reality TV. 
Good for anyone 10 and older, or anyone who's ever been in a play, or anyone who wants a good laugh...

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  1. This is one of my favorite books. It makes me laugh out loud every time I read it :)