Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back To School?

A good friend of mine is studying for the GRE this Saturday.  With my youngest going to kindergarten next year, I have seriously been pondering the idea of a getting a graduate degree (well, as seriously as I could ponder an idea that only occurred to me two days ago, anyway).  My two biggest obstacles are the two biggest obstacles to many things in my life:  time and money.

I'd LOVE to go back to school, but the idea of trying to manage that while also managing a family is overwhelming.  And what if I've forgotten too much from college?  And do I really want to start writing term papers and taking exams again?  Seriously, my memory is not what it used to be (I'm pretty sure it's a documented fact that you lose brain cells when you have children).

Another concern is that my real love is writing fiction.  Undoubtedly a master's degree will only help me, but will it be worth the cost?  I highly doubt I'll be able to write what I want while going to school.  And I'm concerned that getting an MFA in creative writing may be more than I can handle (or want to handle, or want to be exposed to-- I'm pretty square and I have a feeling that most college-aged writers are not).  And can we afford that big expense if I don't plan on teaching or anything once I've gotten it?


Obviously I've got some things to consider...

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