Thursday, July 15, 2010


I went to my critique group a couple nights ago. Still loving it. A couple of the girls and I went to lunch the next day to brainstorm. Remember in my last post how I just discovered how useful it is to brainstorm with others? Sometimes I think when you send things out into the atmosphere (or the internet, in this case), what you need comes back to you.

Lunch was great. Of course, I'm one of those psycho people who go over the top: "Hey, let's do this every week and go to the library afterwards to write for a couple hours! Then we can give ourselves a group nickname, travel to conferences together, take pics of each other posing with famous authors (or becoming famous ourselves)."

I can see it all now. Never mind that we have children, work, other aspects to our lives...

Now that I'm back to reality, all I can say is I hope we can make this a fairly regular occurrence, even if it can't be as often as we would wish (or I would wish, anyway).

Thanks girls.

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