Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Master of the Art

Though I am far from mastering the art of writing, I believe I have mastered the art of criticizing other's writing. Wahoo, good for me. It's rather annoying, actually. Writing a manuscript has almost ruined reading for me (almost). I've studied sentence structure, form, plot, character development, etc. until I'm about to burst, and now all I can see are the mistakes that other authors make. I'll be reading a perfectly good story and then a sentence will come along like, "Her knowledge of cooking and sewing resulted in her invitation to the party." Uh, what? Isn't there an easier way to say that, like "She was invited to the party because she could cook and sew," or something? Do normal people say, "My good grades resulted in the scholarship," or "My feelings for him resulted in our marraige." Not unless your Yoda, "Filled with the Force, you are."

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