Saturday, November 28, 2009

My First Submission

In a time full of firsts, here's another one: I finally sent in my first submission! After touching up my manuscript (again-- is it ever really over?), I sent it in to Scholastic. They don't usually take unagented submissions, but because I recently went to a writing conference where an editor from Scholastic was speaking, she gave everybody in attendance 90 days to submit one. Of course, I couldn't turn down a chance like that-- even if the likelihood that she'll accept it is extremely unlikely. But, who knows? Maybe a year from now I'll be blogging about how I got published by the very first person I sent a submission to (we all can dream, right?).
So now, my goal is to find an agent. I have a growing list of options, and I've decided to try to send something out to two agents a week, until I run out of agents. Why not send to all of them on my list right now? Because each agent likes specific things and I need to revise my query for each of them. It takes a little bit of work.
I'm also starting on the second book. I know exactly how it's going to start-- and end. It's the whole middle part that's a little foggy. I've even got the third book worked out (beginning and end). I really need to get the second one written-- so I can then spend countless hours revising it. Hmm, maybe I'll wait until after Thanksgiving weekend to get started on that...

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